This GoPro video of a Plane Crash is pretty insane stuff

skydiving plane crash

Generally planes are one of the safest ways to travel the globe, except for when you’re in a rickety small aircraft taking flight on a trip, which involves the passengers jumping out of the plane in a skydive. In this video you can see the plane’s takeoff as well as the ensuing crash thanks to a GoPro that was strapped to one of the would-be jumpers. It’s proper scary stuff!

Here’s what the uploader had to say about the video:

My friends and I are all experienced licensed skydivers. We asked one of our friends to take us up in his Cessna to jump. After taking off we encountered engine issues and were forced into a muddy field. Landing gear ripped off after hitting a ditch/mud and the plane flipped over nose first. Pilot did a good job handling a bad situation once we found ourselves in it.

Thank God the plane did not catch fire after flipping over….Everyone survived with relatively minor injuries…

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