This GoPro falls from a drone into the middle of Burning Man

Burning Man GoPro

With the advent of drones we’ve become used to some really fantastic photography of events and landscapes thanks to their amazing cameras and ability to fly up to vantage points high up in the sky. The only downside is that if your drone doesn’t come standard with an awesome camera, you’re probably going to have to try an attach a GoPro to it, running the risk that it could become detached, falling to it’s demise during a flight.

This is exactly what happened to someone at Burning Man this year, except the GoPro didn’t break after the fall and instead landed in the middle of the dancefloor of a party taking place in the middle of the US desert, capturing some really amazing footage in the process. Some person found the camera, took it around with them and loaded the footage to the internet for everyone around the World to enjoy.

How freaking awesome??!

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