This Footage Of A 90’s Rave Shows Why This Part Of Music History Was So Great

This Footage Of A 90's Rave Shows Why This Part Of Music History Was So Great

The founding members of MyCityByNight were all big ravers back in the day (we’re giving away our ages a bit by making that statement), which is why we thought that this particular video was worth a share. The clip popped up in our Youtube Autoplay yesterday, while we were reminiscing about the old days and playing some of the tunes that were popular from that period of electronic music and it took us right back to what things were like during the early days of rave.

The clip depicts the morning after a big rave and shows just how much of a release, dancing and raving was for people of all ages and creeds during the 90’s and early 2000’s (and also how bloody strong the ecstasy was). The two stars of the video were clearly not ready to go home and stayed behind, raving to the sound of nearby car alarms with the girl in the video stating that she’d just carry on raving until she remembered where she had left her car the night before.

Check out the footage below:

What a time to be alive!

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