This Family Christmad card is way better than the Kardashians’ one

best family christmas card ever

People literally lost their minds when the Kardashian Family Christmas Card was released and that was just a normal photo card. The Holderness family out of the USA deserve the same amount of praise and awe for their absolutely awesome video Christmas card, which showcases the very Christmassy family’s skills at dance choreography and rapping.

In the video the Holderness Family goes through a number of different and very entertaining scenarios like rapping to Will Smith’s ‘Miami’ in their Christmas pyjamas and appearing in rip off versions of films like Iron Man 3, along with celebrating some of the family’s achievements. If it were any time other than Christmas, I’d probably hate them… but it isn’t so… YAY CHRISTMAS!

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  1. This video is brilliant. You cant get more Christmasy than that. I guess I will be the first then to also point out that the Mom is HOT!

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