This dude’s “I cheated on you” anniversary prank backfires spectacularly

anniversary prank backfires

Youtube star (yes that’s a real thing) Roman Atwood is well known for really pushing the envelope when it comes to playing pranks on unsuspecting individuals and thought that it would be an utterly brilliant idea to play a prank on his own girlfriend to “celebrate their anniversary”. Roman reckoned that it would make hilarious viewing for everyone on the web if he told his girlfriend of five years, Britney, that he had cheated on her with some random. Clearly this guy doesn’t know ANYTHING about women.

He set up a camera in their hotel room in Aruba, where they were celebrating their anniversary to capture her reaction as he admitted to her that he had cheated on her. To his surprise his mooiness, dishes a secret of her own after hearing his confession, admitting that she had also had an affair during their time together. Woops.

Pretty rattled by the news, Roman asks her frantically:

“Yo, be for real, my heart’s killing me, did you cheat on me?”

Turns out that the whole thing was a set-up from his girlfriend after she noticed the camera he had hidden (wise to his old tricks). Serves him right – ass.

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