This Dude Has Invented His Own Flying Drone Bike

diy drone

It’s a well known fact that a company by the name of Aerofex was planned to bring hover bikes to the global market in 2017, but a UK inventor by the name of Colin Furze decided that he wasn’t about to wait till then and decided to make his own.

He’s a former plumber, who turned to his Youtube channel fans to suggest a mode of transport that he should try his hand at inventing and making commercially viable. Around 15 000 people came back to him with the exact same answer… “Make Us A Hover Bike”.

Here’s a look at his homemade hoverbike in action:

This is what Colin had to say about his invention:

It’s the most outrageous thing I’ve ever ridden. Feeling it lift for the first time was such a strange feeling. It only just lifts me off the ground. I tried out all sorts of frames; hacked bits off and added bits on, until eventually I started seeing results.

I really want one! Imagine popping out to the shops in one of these bad boys!?

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