This Drunk Guy Took 3 Hours To Open A Door

Think You Had A Big Weekend? This Drunk Guy Took 3 Hours To Open A Door

If we’re completely honest – I think quite a few of us have been over indulging over the course of these last few months of the year (mostly because working and studying really sucks). It’s really nothing when you compare it to the state that the bloke in this video was in when the footage we’re showing you below was shot.

The video originates from World Cup 2018 host country Russia (of course it does) and features two drunk dudes trying to open a a door to what looks like their apartment for three hours at 7 in the morning.

Unfortunately for them, the door isn’t one that you can simply push and needs to be opened with the press of a button – something that was a little bit too much for them to comprehend in their utterly wasted state. Check out the footage below:

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