This Dog’s Reaction To Getting Adopted Will Melt Your Heart

Dog getting adopted

I’m one of those people that thinks having animals caged up in shelters is one the saddest things out there, but sometimes this is the only way that they’re able to keep them alive for long enough for a kind family to adopt them and give them a new home. Carson Animal Care Centre is one of the institutions that looks after stray dogs, but has one of the highest kill rates in California because of their need to take on new dogs. So basically, the people running the centre have to put down dogs who have been there for a while in order to make room for new strays, which is heartbreaking stuff.

Benny, the dog in this video was really close to being put down when a family came in and chose him as their brand new pet. At first he seems a little bit skittish, but as soon as he sees the leash and releases that he’s going home with his new family, he becomes a completely different pup. If this doesn’t melt your heart today, I don’t believe you’re even one bit human.

There’s hope people!

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