This December VAULT join forces with 8Bahn [NL] to bring the Cross Cultural Connection Platform [CCCP] to Cape Town

From 4 – 16 Dec 2019, Cape Town will be host to a unique cross-cultural exchange program, connecting creative electronic music talents from the Netherlands with their counterparts in South Africa. A collaboration between Capetonian events brand, VAULT, and Dutch company, 8Bahn, this will be the first platform of its kind for the Mother City.

Instead of placing the spotlight on the usual suspects – strongholds such as Amsterdam, Berlin, or London – this program places a magnifying glass on underdog scenes, triangulating on upcoming cities and regions across the globe – starting with the Arnhem and Nijmegen metropolitan area in the Netherlands, and Cape Town. Following on from a hugely successful exchange in Holland in May 2019, where South African artists performed at festivals and clubs, Dutch DJs and promoters are now heading down south.

Through a continuous exchange of music, stories, contacts, and insider knowledge, whether it be over the dinner table, during voracious vinyl-digging or high-octane performances, key players representing vital functions from each underdog scene can connect and establish a direct connection between them. By going door-to-door and exploring the record stores, music labels, club venues, and meeting the people that make the magic happen, only then is the underdog story fully accounted for.

“VAULT brings a truly unique, avant-garde, raw techno experience to Cape Town,” Michael Rupp, one of VAULT’s founders announced. “Over the past four years, we’ve introduced a harder sound to the city’s nightlife and are excited to welcome more international artists and put our local talent on the map.”

Across the two weeks, artists from the Netherlands and Cape Town will perform at several events, take part in workshops, explore the city’s cultural diversity and outdoor spaces, and experience South Africa’s upcoming techno scene.

Upcoming public events as part of the cross-cultural connection platform:

7 December 2019

Botanik Social House (Landbank), 8pm – 4am

Deano (Knowledge – ZA)  | Dimi Angélis (Mord – Angls – NL) |  Tripeo (Rekids – Bassiani – NL) | Paz Shina + Nativesound (SA)  | Mass Soundsystem (SA) | Laura van Hal (8Bahn – Planet Rose – NL)  | JED (VAULT -SA)

TICKETS (Early bird sold out, regular pre-sale still available): here
Events link: here

8 December 2019

Yours Truly (Kloof St) Rooftop Sundowners, PM

Patski (8Bahn – NL)  | JED (VAULT – SA) | Deano (Knowledge – SA)

10 December 2019

Live Stream at The Other Records [Free ENTRy]


11 December 2019

Artist and Industry Workshop / Q&A

TOPICS: Running a Label, Production Processes and the Dutch scene.
16:00 – 18:00 | 107 Buitenkant Street, Gardens

13 December 2019

Modular, 10pm – Close
JED (VAULT – SA) | Patski (8Bahn – NL)  | Dimi Angelis (Mord – Angls – NL)
Events link: here

15 December 2019


Events link: here

To follow December’s action and get up-to-date information the program, visit the organiser’s Facebook page, VAULT (

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