This clip of The Hoff from a new movie Stretch is amazing

the hoff stretch

I always knew that The Hoff was a little bit of crazy genius and after watching this clip from an upcoming movie called Stretch, I’m 100% convinced that the guy would’ve been decent playing a villain in something like Scarface. In the movie, which stars the likes of Jessica Alba, The Hoff, Ray Liotta and Patrick Wilson – David plays a role that is essentially just a crazed (even more than usual) character version of himself.

Normally quick to be criticised, the clip that is currently doing the rounds on the internet, shows that The Hoff is capable of doing some decent acting from time to time. Stretch the movie is due for release at the end of the year and if this little bit of awesome is anything to go, I could definitely see myself spending the dosh to go and see the film.

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