This choreographed Twerking video is the sexiest thing you’ll see today

choreographed twerking

If you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely fascinated by twerking. While spending time scouring the internet for videos of Miley Cyrus twerking, I stumbled across this pretty amazing video of some choreographed twerking (didn’t even know that was a real thing), which will make pretty much any straight guy/lesbian go absolutely quiet for a few minutes.

Make this bad boy full-screen and sit back as these mooiness churn out what is possibly the sexiest bit of twerking that I have ever had the pleasure of seeing. To be honest, I’m rather glad that twerking has been added to the Oxford Dictionary if it results in videos like this.

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  1. As a girl I loved this video. It’s super sexy. I wish I could dance like this.

  2. This is not very good twerking. Miley has really watered down what people know as twerking. This is some boring basic shit. They need to learn how to twerk properly.

  3. I suppose this is prime example of why you need ass to twerk … cause when they making their asses clap it’s kinda sad to watch…that being said they dance well twerking nah. Where i’m from this how your average black female dances in the clurrrb, so it’s interesting to see it called twerking.They can wine their waistlines very well and are good dancers.

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