This 120 Foot Dam Wall Jump Is Insane To Watch

This 120 Foot Dam Wall Jump Is Insane To Watch

Dam wall jump

I have a healthy fear of heights and after watching this video from a dude’s GoPro camera as he jumped from a dam wall 120 feet up. The jump off the Matilija Dam in California was recorded as the highest ever – the only thing is, nobody knows who the guy was, so they can’t awarded with the record (and possibly some jail time too).

The actual dam is 170 feet high and even after jumping from its lowest point he still reach around 130km/h on his descent to the water below. It’s properly crazy and I’m totally surprised that he didn’t injure himself during the jump.

I feel like I shouldn’t have to say this, but please don’t try this yourself at your local dam wall – there’s a really good chance you’ll die and we really do need all the readers we can get at this stage.

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