Thinking About Tasering Yourself In The Crotch? Dont.

Thinking About Tasering Yourself In The Crotch? Dont.


Ever thought – I wonder what would happen if I tasered myself in the crotch? Yeah me neither. Thankfully someone else has followed this line of thinking and decided to follow through by tasering themselves in the genitals for our educational benefit. For once, it’s not even a guy who’s being an idiot as we get to see a mooiness take the taser plunge.

The video features some mooiness tasering herself in what is surely the most sensitive area of her body. We’re not really 100% sure what’s going on here, but she seems far too excited about the opportunity to shock the shit out of her lady bits – edgy stuff.

As you’d expect, the whole thing doesn’t end too well for her, but like a real champion she didn’t spend too long moaning about how she’d just fried her naughty bits to pieces and simply jumped back up to start partying again.

This one is definitely a keeper…

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