I Think Paul McCartney Just Won The Mannequin Challenge

I Think Paul McCartney Just Won The Mannequin Challenge With This Effort


The Mannequin Challenge has full on turned into a global viral trend, with just about everyone who’s anyone getting involved. We’ve seen some really creative efforts from sports teams and even The White House (before Trump outlaws all things fun), but I reckon the latest effort from Sir Paul McCartney himself has just killed the game for good. The song for the Mannequin Challenge is Rae Sremmund’s “Black Beatles”, which is of course a reference to The Beatles, who McCartney was famously part of.

Paul McCartney used the bit of the song where they reference him and put together a fairly solid 17 second effort, which proves that he really is one of the coolest 74 year old people around – what a legend!

Everyone else may as well stop trying now:

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