Things that make you feel like a man

Over the weekend I took a break from grooming and time spent watching the cooking channel to do a little bit of DIY around the house. Granted this DIY only extended to hanging up picture frames and mirrors, it somehow still made me feel quite accomplished as a man. This kind of got me thinking about those things that make you feel manly, at the snap of a finge… I mean, clench of a stern manly fist.

Starting the braai & then keeping it going.

This one goes back to the days of the cave-man, cooking a catch over the open fire. Short of being in an ancient cave, cooking a steak properly on a braai this is one of the most manly things to do on earth. It also signifies a certain level of understanding of science, giving you a prestige over others in attendance at the braai.


As I already mentioned, fixing things is manly. Anything where you can do it yourself instead having a ready made solution shows that you’ve put the man hours into creating something that works just as well as if it was put together by a machine. Or something.

Chop firewood

Chopping wood rocks. It’s almost like a form of deep meditation. Use something a murder would- like an axe or a machete. Don’t cut off anything that belongs on your body. Smell the manliness.

Take a punch

Most men want to know that they can handle a good crack to the bek. You will inevitably gain man points for regailing stories of how hard you got hit to your mates thereby showing how much more manly you are. This proves that men are invincible. After that punch, Thor aint got nothing on you- you can take a punch and you can…

Throw one back

That’s right, you’ve proved you can take it, now you have to show that you can give one back. Only one. And make sure that it has some finesse and possibly involves a targeted approach to the kidneys, throat over chin. You don’t have to kill the guy or anything, just show you could totally hurt him if you wanted to. Hitting inanimate things can make you feel manly.

Take up a sport

By this I mean a real sport- Rugby, football and MMA are examples of manly sports. Synchronised swimming is not.

Change a car tyre

Every single man on the planet should be capable of changing a car tyre. Why not go call First for Women now already?

Carry heavy stuff

A great way to feel manly when your testosterone count is a little bit low is to carry some heavy things around. Don’t let that stupid table win, if you want it in a different spot, move it… by yourself. A 600kg bar counter? “Ha, of course I can move it by myself!”

Do something romantic

Then to end it all off it’s playing Romeo to a Juliet. It’s true, doing something romantic will indeed also make you feel rather manly- the more effort involved the more manly (even if its a little cheesy). It’s also manly to open doors for women, carry their shopping, cook them a meal, or pretend to have a sensitive side.

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