Things that I find arousing but cannot explain why

In the bit of reading that I’ve done in the past month or so I happened to glance over one or two articles and posts about eroticism and sex- the basic content for every glossy magazine out there. So I decided to remove myself from the usual buzz of slamming parties and gorgeous girls that we’re so used to over here at MyCityByNight and really give a bit of thought to what I personally find arousing/erotic.

Considering that MyCityByNight and myself are generally quite unconventional the list turned out to be a little more odd than I originally expected. Aah the beauty of some good old fashion questioning of the self…


1. An eye patch- For some reason that I cannot explain I get incredibly aroused when I see people with eye patches- hot villains from Kill Bill, pirates from Somalia, everybody. Eye patches are sexy…


2. Hotel rooms/getaway lodges– Over time these have built up notoriety for a number of affairs, random hook-ups and the odd porn film… Hey, even Joost managed to rock out in his tighty whiteys with that not so hot chick. Need I say more? Joost, I don’t blame you at all, it really was the hotel room’s fault that you cheated on your wife.


3. Spandex Lycra- Ok this might have something to do with all of the Body Beat aerobics shows that I used watch every morning as a kid but I really REALLY do struggle to find a lingerie set that comes close to those brightly coloured body hugging spandex tights- really the best thing to come out of the 80’s other than me…


4. Being hungover from a huge jol- Depending on whether I have been to a rave (haha, does anyone still “rave”) or for a bender at the local pub, usually dictates whether my morning desire is for cuddles or just plain old slap & tickle (read into this what you will), however there’s one thought that goes through my head each time- “Maybe I should lie a little longer before going to pee” (once again read into this what you will- I’m sure all the boys know what im on about).


5. Women that eat- I’m definitely not talking about the girl who munches down seconds of her meal and then offers to help you finish off your burrito- while you’re still enjoying it. I am talking about women who actually enjoy having a meal- that’s not a calorie-less salad. Yay for girls that eat, especially if really do seem to enjoy the meal, and not my company, necessarily!!

So now you know… Don’t wear an eye-patch near me while having sushi… crazy hot.

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  1. *blush* Thanks very much Sandy!!! Definately more than enough motivation to keep blogging away! 🙂

  2. Thats so insightfull! I always think about this and now I know it, lolz!!! AWESUM!

    Ricky, you really are THE MAN! Ur awesum too! YAY FOR YOU GUYS! Ur the coolest people EVA!


  3. Hehe, thanks for the praise and cuddles Nikki!!! 🙂 *huge smile*

    Anyone that gives internet cuddles is awesome in our books!!! xoxo

  4. Eye patches… Come now, rikki bobby, no more "shake n bake" for you, eye patches! You really want to blind them with ur moves? Remember the real world isn't like X men, being a cyclops is not cool, imo. But girls that eat are cool, I hate that bs about being too shy to eat in front of me, girls like that should ead. Hotels are super cool never mind what u getting up to in them it just adds that pimp sensation to any occasion!

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