Things Not Going Well? Get Some Good Luck By Being Trampled By Cows

A Bunch Of Guys In India Volunteered To Get Trampled By Cows For ‘Good Luck’

There are times when things tend to get a little bit hectic in life, causing some of us to dip into various superstitions in a bid to influence the luck we have in our lives. You know the drill, don’t walk under a ladder, choose your lucky numbers in the lotto or throw some salt over your shoulder. Over in India – this whole process is just a LITTLE BIT different.

A century old ritual observed by Hindu men in Ujjain in central India, sees a group lie on the floor to get trampled by a herd of cows. Despite the obvious danger to your overall health, the idea is that as you recover from your many, many injuries and your body heals, your luck grows too. It really must work, considering that hundreds of men travel from across India to the city to partake in the ritual.

After watching that, I don’t think it’s something that I would try – a cow is definitely going to do a whole lot more damage to me than what a little bit of good luck is worth. Hey… swing when you’re winning I guess?

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