Thierry Henry thinks of quitting International Football

I have never been a big fan of Henry, he is an outstanding player and no one can doubt that, but his actions in the world cup qualifier against Ireland are just despicable, disgusting and very unsportsmanlike. His “hand of god” allowed him to cross the ball into the middle of the box and letting his team mate Gallas score. To the amazement of the crowd and EVERY Irish player including keeper Shay Given who had full view of what went down, the referee didn’t question for a second that there was any foul play. All of this controversy has lead Henry to think twice about his international career. I agree with him 100%, he has ruined some of the Irish players dreams and made himself look like an idiot all at the same time.


Henry showing his skills pushing the ball down onto his foot with his hand


Henry allowing himself an easy inside pass to his team mate


French score the equaliser to the shock of the Irish, sending them through to the WC and knocking the Irish out


Shay Givens (and the rest of the Irish team’s) protests are ignored by  Martin Hansson.

I feel so sorry for the Irish, they did everything right only to be cheated out of a place in the World Cup final rounds. Thierry Henry should know better then that and after he publicly apologised to the world about what he did, I think he really should think twice about playing another international game. This leads me to the next point, maybe this will make FIFA think twice about using technology to help referee’s out, if that was shown in a replay, all that would have been needed would have been one instant replay and you would have visibly seen the hand ball and the Irish would have gotten a penalty and possibly changed the outcome of the game! The French should have allowed a replayed game if they all knew it was so blatant. Shame on those cheating French bastards.

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  1. i am sorry but i must disagree…

    I think that it was an absolute shocker by Henry… But let us be honest this is far from the most contreversial thing that has happened in Football, if the irish deserve a replay then so should Chelsea have had a replay in the Champions League twice, liverpool a couple years ago and barca last year, the refs are constantly messing up and it is time for FIFA to do something…

    I believe that Henry reactions took over, he is by no means a dirty player… i believe this could have happened to anyone, it was a split second desicion, made probably out of instinct, and he will regret it forever…
    I feel sorry for the Irish, tough break but i would personally rather have players like benzema, ribery, henry, gallas, anelka etc here next year rather than who keane, duff etc.

    I believe instead of focusing on a player mistakes( who just proved himself to be human never mind his amazing ability to score goals)
    Lets look @ FIFA… When are they going to look at a solution, until they do something, this will keep happening and these huge events will keep being decided by human error rather than being won by skill and talent

    I love Henry and i hope that France have an amzing WC campaign next year!

    Interested to hear more thoughts!

  2. I agree Kreg – Henri knew he was wrong. I would far rather have the irish here in 2010 than the Frogs.

  3. So now that the Frogs have made it through we going to have the smelly cheating French running around South Africa now! Really do feel for the Irish!! I guess there is next time!

  4. @James: You right, very right indeed… I have to agree with you on the chelsea incidents(hehe). I just feel like a player of his calibre "shouldnt" be doing that… I know what you mean by the split second heat of the moment type action.

    Its just I keep watching it over and over and for him to have handled it once would have been fine but a second time to push it down to his foot made it even worse! Again, I agree with you on the fact that its always going to be more exciting seeing benzema, ribery, henry, gallas, anelka etc down here.but for them to get through on a situation like this just doesnt make it right. IF everyone knows that it was wrong and even Henry apologised to the Irish after should surely give FIFA the go ahead for a rematch. It seems only fair…

    Now my final point… when are they going to think of using technology in the game, it really is a little shocking how long its taking football to adapt. I mean, one second for the tv ref to have a look at that and BAM, penalty to Ireland and a yellow to Henry for a blatant handball. Even in games when they not sure about if the ball has crossed the line… use a camera, use technology I say!

    Thanks for stopping by James:)

  5. @kreg agreed the second handling does make it harder to swallow, i guess i just symapthise with these guys… the pressure, emotion, stress etc is pretty difficult for guys like us to grasp… he was very wrong! and yes .Levi he did indeed Fail… it is just to easy to act and only thin k of the consequences afterwards!

    i just dont think a replay is the answer… although it might make the irish feel better it is going to cause problems going forward… so what must they offer a reply to every team that lossses unfairly!? imagine the avalanche effect… old fergusan would be calling for a replay after every penalty that goes against man u, the old whining bastard!

    Until FIFA step up and offer solutions this is gonna keep being a very unwanted part of the game… cheating, diving etc it is time for FIFA to take a stance!

    I strongly beleieve that a Replay is not an answer… The answer is in FIFA'S hands!

  6. @ James – I agree with all you have had to say James – Henri is an honest player, but, with the possible World Cup literally at his fingertips (excuse the pun), he perhaps lost a bit of integrity. He probably did not expect the furore surrounding his actions and I truly believe he IS sorry, but I think he did know what he was doing.

  7. James: again, I have to agree with you… if every game did go like that, the avalanche effect could be terrible… as for ol Ferguson, my god he would moan and groan about everything!!

    The reason why I feel a reply is neccessary is purely based on the fact that these teams have worked so hard to get whre they are and to lose in their final game before the world cup finals is devastating, I would lose my shit if that happened to me and my team!!

    But seriously now is the time FIFA stands up, like you say against the diving, cheating, abuse of the refs(how come in rugby a ref isnt allowed to be even spoken back to, yet in soccer th abuse is thrown left right and centre) I do think technology is very neccessary…

    The answer is definitely in FIFA's hands now, I hope this actually wakes them up as the blady Irish government is now having a FULL go at FIFA!

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