These Engineers Have Built A Fully Driveable BMW Transformer!!

Turkish Engineers Have Built A Fully Driveable BMW Transformer!!


Building a real life, to scale BMW Transformer – now that’s a really great use of technology and engineering! Thanks to Turkish company, Letrons this is no longer something only reserved for Optimus Prime, after having built a full scale, driveable BMW that transforms into a huge robot at the press of a button. The Transformers fan in me is giddy with the news of a real life massive car-robot.

In this state the robot can then be operated with a remote control, which means you can’t actually be inside one of them but it still pretty cool nonetheless. Apparently you can have full control over neck and head movements along with the arms and hands (plus a whole choice of different lighting settings).

I reckon this is the best thing for you to buy if you’ve got some extra dosh lying around – I mean seriously, best party trick EVER!

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