These 10 unique destinations are among the top places to visit in 2019


Business Insider recently teamed up with boutique luxury travel brand Original Travel, an agency that organises high-end trips and vacations, to find out the hottest spots to travel to in 2019. They based their rankings on the number of bookings and performance all of which was taken into account and was assessed by feedback, their expertise, and client inquiries.

While many classics such as Great Britan, France and Japan made the cut for 2019, we chose and listed ten of the most unique destinations on that list for you to view below.

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Source | Business Insider

1. Montenegro

15. MontenegroOlena Z/Shutterstock
Lesser-known than neighbours Croatia and Greece, the tiny slice of Adriatic coastline that is Montenegro has previously lacked high-quality accommodation (other than the Aman network) to rival its fjord landscapes, Tom Barber, co-founder of Original Travel, told Business Insider.

2. Oman


Business Insider previously reported that Oman is the next big destination for luxury travellers. Its peak travel season runs from October to April.

3. Chile

10. Chilecge2010/Shutterstock


Chile is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and scenic landscapes. It’s also a perfect spot for luxury seekers: Business Insider’s David Slotnick stayed at Easter Island’s primary all-inclusive luxury hotel, Explora Rapa Nui, and found his stay to be “phenomenal.”

4. Turkey

9. TurkeyIgorZh/Shutterstock


The Turquoise Coast of Turkey has never looked more appealing. With the Turkish Aegean back on the map, its turquoise seas, secret beaches, and exclusive bars and clubs are peaking the interests of glamorous beach-goers usually resigned to the same old European break.

5. Seychelles


The dozens of islands across the Indian Ocean known as Seychelles are one of the most requested spots in Original Travel’s diving division. Seychelles’ North Island, in particular, is a luxurious getaway. Set in the middle of the Indian Ocean, this ultra-exclusive hideaway attracts A-listers and royals.

6. Myanmar

7. MyanmarSakdawut Tangtongsap/Shutterstock


Historic Myanmar offers plenty for a luxury holiday, several luxurious boat-trips along the Irrawaddy between Yangon and Bagan as well as Ngapali Beach, an elite beach retreat, according to Original Travel.

7. Rwanda

6. RwandaMonika Hrdinova/Shutterstock


Rwanda was named a new African luxury destination to watch in 2018 by Luxury Travel Mag. The destination is all about nature and wildlife, home to three national parks: Akagera, Nyungwe, and the Volcanoes National Park – one of the few remaining places to see mountain gorillas in the wild.

8. Bhutan

5. BhutanMC_Noppadol/Shutterstock


Unspoiled Bhutan is ideal for the adventurous luxury traveller, the country is made for trekking, according to Original Travel. The company has arranged for treks to many of Bhutan’s monasteries, mountain-biking along 12,000-foot mountain passes, and participation in archery tournaments.

9. Iceland

3. IcelandMaridav/Shutterstock
Original Travel’s 2019 Iceland bookings are set to double their 2018 rate. That’s not surprising, considering it was previously named one of the top places to travel in 2017 by Insider. Many visitors travel to the island to see the Northern Lights. The ION Luxury Adventure Hotel in Iceland’s Golden Circle was specifically designed for optimal Aurora Borealis viewing. Beyond that, there are “Crystal Caves,” massive waterfalls, Icelandic horses, and black sand beaches to explore

10. Egypt

1. EgyptPaul Winney/Shutterstock


Original Travel’s 2019 bookings for Egypt are set to triple last year’s bookings. According to Barber, there are two primary attractions fueling this trend. The first is Steam Ship Sudan, a cruise that glides down the Nile between Luxor and Aswan, stopping at archaeological sites, temples, and tombs along the way  The second is the Grand Egyptian Museum, relocated and newly built overlooking the pyramids of Giza.

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