There’s now a version of Neknomination that involves doing a line on camera

cocaine neknomination

Remember those neknomination videos for ALS where peeps threw buckets of icey water and nominated their friends to do the same. Now, a video has emerged online of a woman who appears to do a bump of coke then nominating her friends to do the same (yay internet role models).

The new internet fad, which originated in Mexico, is being shared on several social media sites and even had its own Facebook page – until it was deleted by the company.¬†The challenge, which is named ‘Reto del pasesito’, requires nominees to apparently snort ratcha on camera before nominating several of their friends to take part.¬†Authorities have been looking into the videos and are now investigating, according to local media.

Alongside the video, which was uploaded to YouTube, the caption reads:

“This is a new challenge among young socialites which consists of ingesting cocaine.”

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