There’s an Actual Far Cry 5 Short Film No One Really Knows About.

This past March, the much anticipated Far Cry 5 was released to international acclaim in the gaming world. Apart from the fact that the graphics are meticulous and the gameplay is hyper-real, it’s the outlandish and bizarre¬†storyline of Far Cry 5 and it’s protagonist¬†villain, Joseph Seed aka The Father and his cult that’s truly the gripping part. So gripping, in fact, that a short film was made titled Far Cry 5 – Inside Eden’s Gate. The movie stars Kyle Gallner and Greg Bryk as Joseph Seed – who also does the actual voice over for the same character in the game.

The film is 30 minutes long and follows a group of people trying to infiltrate the cult in order to save a loved one – the entire ordeal is recorded first-hand by vlogger Alex (Kyle Gallner).

Watch it in full below.

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