There’s a reason everyone is making a fuss about this model’s petition to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel


I don’t exactly have an insight into the inner workings of Victoria’s Secret but I’m guessing that they get tons and tons of applications and pleas from #mooiness who reckon they’d make a great addition to the current roster of Angels. So why on earth should we even care about one such request from Carmen Carrera?!

carmen carrera 2


Carmen+Carrera 2

carmen carrera 3



carmen carrera 4

Granted by most accounts she’s quite the looker but based on the quality exuded by the likes of our local #mooiness Candice Swanepoel she’s going to have a pretty hard task selling it to the powers that be. Maybe that’s why there’s been a formal petition set up with over 35 000 digital signatures on it already to try and win her a place over here.

Still confused as to why there’s been such a fuss? Well… If you had paid close attention to that last link destination you would have realised that Carmen Carrera is in fact a transgender model, who shot to fame after participating in Ru Paul’s Drag Race (a reality show about drag).

carmen carrera 1

Yup. Technically you were just perving hard on a dude. Regardless of how that makes you feel, the petition does raise plenty of questions around Victoria’s Secret policy on the selection of transgender models to represent their brand. I guess that by allowing Carmen Carrera to be an Angel, Victoria Secret would take a massive step towards ending femmephobia, from there onwards being recognised as a brand that cares.

Really proud of myself for sharing this vital news with you on a very mature level without even once mentioning the word Tranny. Oh wait… nevermind.

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