There Is Now A Robot That Gives You Blozzies! Married Men Rejoice!

There Is Now A Robot That Gives You Blozzies! Married Men Rejoice!

Apparently it’s fairly difficult to get a blozzie once you go and get married (according to many of my married guy friends), which is probably the reason they sent me this video of a robot that has been invented with the purpose of giving you a slobbery one. Arlan Robotic Services have designed the first ever robot who has been created to meet the needs of lonely men from around around the World in perfect nondescript robotic fashion (although to be fair, this would probably be better than some of the ones they’ve had over the years.

Here’s what the ARS had to say about the robot:

The robot looks, smells, feels and moves like a real human in the room with you.

You can’t actually see the robots face so someone can match the clothes, hairstyle and perfume of anyone they choose to, like a celebrity or the person in the office and virtually have an intimate experience with them whenever they like.

Right… ok then. As a bit of final kicker, you’re also able to change the robotic body into a couple of objects that look like some new age furniture just in case you don’t anyone to know that you bonk robots when they come around the house:

Super useful! They’re currently going through a bit of crowdfunding and have only made £600 of their £12,000 total, although there’s around a month to go. Go on… help the blokes out for the super low price of £195 per robot.

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