The B-Side Releases | Conscious Records’ The Gathering

We chat to the peeps over at Conscious Records about their latest output - The Gathering

Conscious Records presents it’s first VA, an ode to a most sacred ritual, “The Gathering”. Since before time itself, humans have gathered, sat around a fire, shared knowledge, shared spiritual experiences, danced the night away…

Currently this seems but just a distant ancestral memory in some strange land, on another planet, somewhere out there, beyond the outer reaches of space… So, Conscious Records HQ decided to compile an epic release to honour this sacred ancestral human tradition, by taking us back not just a few months ago, but even further, to a time where the journey mattered, where the music mattered…

From lush progressive beats, rolling day time rhythms, traditional Goa inspired & futuristic psychedelic sounds, right through to thumping peak time banger, this VA honors the journey from the early stages of ritual gathering, to the fever pitched crescendos of euphoria, and the darkness of the never ending rabbit hole of psychedelic consciousness…

Join us on this 12 track journey through the kaleidoscopic spectrum of psychedelic sounds as we embark on a journey to a time where we felt the sun on our faces, embraced our friends and strangers alike, and celebrated life by dancing the nights away under our African skies…


1. Talk to us a bit more about the release?

Eugene: Conscious Records put together an ode to the ancient ritual of gathering as mass of people in a union of positive collective consciousness pointed towards source, these 12 tracks are given to us as stories and messages, that guide us towards the soul and heart of source. Our first compilation for 2020 has dropped during some of the darkest of times we’ve seen in recent memory. We hope to bring more light to people’s lives through this.

2. Explain the Sound of Conscious Records at this very moment?

Eugene: Our focus is to cater for a broader audience of psy-trance fans, who love every aspect of it from bouncy progressive to day time full-on, to twilight, forest and dark psy, With emphasis on day time full-on, that combines precise bassline’s with well written melodies and psychedelic sounds.

3.Who can we expect to see on the release?

Eugene: We have a combination of local psy-trance talent from all over South Africa, from Mr Sub to Cosmic Apocalypse, Singularity & Priest(The Light Brothers), Battlefloor, Synthetic Alkaloid, and many more amazing acts. Letting the music speak for itself.

4. What can we expect in the weeks to come from the label?

Eugene: We have a full roster of releases each month coming your way. With Cosmic Sidekick EP coming in August, two releases in September (a single & another VA), and some more EP’s and album’s coming from most of our signed artists such as Danx Live, Vital, Enkinaki, Stark Raving Psy and Teledelic, to name but a few.

5. Any advice for newcomers, trying to find their sound and harness their craft?

Eugene: Patience and education go a long way, first spend time and get good at your craft, find something unique and different that will distinguish you from the crowd.


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