The worst movie of 2010 is as clear as Knight and Day

The lads at MyCityByNight love a great movie! Some popcorn, a coke & a mooiness, all make for a great movie!

There are 4 simple things that we love and enjoy in movies and often look for when choosing…

1. Movies that have the ‘lets kick the shit out of someone or somthing and blow crap up’ kind of thing going! (think Ronin, The Bourne Movies – The list is endless)
2. Movies that have a great story line or really work your mind! (think Shawshank Redemption)
3. Movies that are a heavy laugh! (think Old School)
4. Then lastly,but most certainly not least, MyCityByNight are also HUGE fans of movies with mooiness (ok we also a appreciate a good looking manmooiness every now and then)

Now its not often you get to kick back on a Saturday evening thinking you have a quality movie to watch starring Cameron ‘I’m epically hot’ Diaz and Tom ‘I make Scientology look good’ Cruise, in a movie called Knight and Day,… SIIIIIICK!

Well I hate to be that guy, but do yourselves a favour… NEVER EVER EVER watch this movie! What a load of crap!
Yes its a ‘fun’ type of movie, but its actually rather pathetic! You know when you feel yourself forcing yourself to laugh because you feel that you doing your best to make it seem better than it is… It thats sort of movie!
I gotta say, I am beginning to loose serious faith in Cameron too, I mean, has anyone seen The Box? YOH! DON’T! Cam, stick to your Something about Mary vibes or even Charlies Angels type stuff!
As fo Tom… Tom Tom Tom… Tut Tut Tut… Why can’t you just stick to the likes of Mission Impossible, where we expect it to be skop skit en donner but for the guys, and makes you want to go out and be a secret agent, or even go back to your greats like Jerry Maguire or Risky Business (that one may be before some of your times, but I recommend it)

Anyway rant over, and Tom and Cameron, bottom line… Sort your shit out and choose better scripts and movies to make and/or fire your agents!

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  1. lol, thanks for the heads up! Oh well at least I got to perve over Leo di Caprio in Inception!

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