The Word Of Mouth WhatsApp Bot is a very exciting new addition to the South African tech landscape

Word of Mouth – The WhatsApp bot every South African needs right now. WOM is a friendly, fast and easy to use WhatsApp bot. The bot’s main purpose is to help South Africans find and connect to nearby service providers.

Most recently, it’s new and arguably most relevant feature has been released. WOM will help you find the nearest vaccination site. All you need to do is drop your location, or enter your address and WOM will share the location of the nearest vaccination site. 

Millions of South Africans live in rural areas and/or have limited transport options. WOM’s new functionality is aimed at helping make the process of getting vaccinated easier using a medium that most of the population already has access to. This all happens at next to no cost to the end user.

David Trebble, one of the cofounders of WOM, points out that his community WhatsApp groups and social media feeds are flooded with questions around the vaccine drive and that it was a no brainer for WOM to help answer some of these questions

“WOM has been live on WhatsApp since March 2021 and can be used nationwide. The bot came into existence off the back of the insight that South Africans place a high value on convenience, as well as the fact that WhatsApp is the preferred messaging platform. Through research, it became apparent that being connected to a relevant service in a fast and helpful manner was something SA users are craving.  The initial problem was that people couldn’t conveniently and quickly find a service provider closeby, someone they could trust. People typically rely on word of mouth by asking for a recommendation on Facebook or WhatsApp groups. Others search Google and hope for the best after that. WOM is a convenient solution, connecting you via a free voice call  to your nearest service provider, suggested from our database of more than 10,000 reputable tradesmen.” – David Trebble.

One of the most interesting factors contributing to the successful launch of the product is the approach that Tim Smith, co-founder and CTO took in building the product. The geolocation matching that is integrated into WhatsApp’s pin dropping functionality opened up the opportunity to give users exact directions to their closest site.

Ultimately, WOM offers South Africans a helpful tool to connect with relevant services on an app that we all already have installed on our phones and utilise the most. WOM is available to all South Africans who have WhatsApp. To get started with WOM, you can click on this link (right here) to open WhatsApp directly, or simply add WOMs number 060 0703 403 to your contacts and send WOM a message. For more information on WOM and to stay up to date with new updates and functionality follow on Facebook and Instagram. To chat to our team feel free to reach out to us on

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