The Warm Up Sessions at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice Cape Town

Warm Up Sessions

With the new liquor laws and the abundance of fun policing going on in Cape Town, the culture of pre-drinking is now on the increase with many of the city’s venues vying for our cash and attendance (presumably much to the dismay of our local government). There’s a brand new place to get the weekend started with the Warm-Up Sessions at Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Cape Town in association with Red Bull Studios and Smirnoff.

‘The Warm Up Sessions’ are on every Friday from 8pm to 11pm and to kick off the Winter party series this Friday, May 24, they’ve got in the super talented DJ Low and David Ireton to get you in the mood for hitting the Mother City’s trendiest clubs. Drinks specials include R50 for a double vodka and Red Bull and R20 for a Castle light draft.

Check it out if you feel inclined to get the night started off in one of the city’s most quirky spots.


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