The Wankband by Pornhub

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I literally do no know if this is a piss take or something that is actually going to be made by them. Its that good a piss take, as much as it is a great idea, I guess…

Anyway, with the launch of all the wearable tech lately, Pornhub have launched their very own bit of wearable tech, The Wankband – The wearable tech that allows you to love the planet, by loving yourself…


At Pornhub, we’re concerned about the amount of energy consumed by our users while enjoying the millions of hours of content we provide on our site. That’s why we’ve decided to pitch in to help save the environment by creating a revolutionary wearable tech device. Find out more about the Wankband and how you can create dirty energy at and sign up to become a Be(a)ta tester so you can find out how this amazing invention can help you save the planet.

Dare I say it, but this could really help our load shedding issues… That was too easy!

Watch the rather funny and informative video below and go check the SFW site above. Though it will most likely get blocked as it does redirect here ->

The Wankband by Pornhub

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