The Village Returns With A New Venue – Land of Wondering Dreams



After a prolonged hiatus, The Village crew extend a warm welcome to the psy-family massive. The time has come once again to embark on a journey into The Land of Wondering Dreams. The 2nd to 3rd of March 2019 marks the date of ther next great GEES FEES. We call one and all to join forces as the Village crew delve deeper into the unknown.

This is set to be a family gathering like never before as we all get together to celebrate friends, family & the essence of life.

This is our gift to you, the connected community of merry pranksters & carnivalesque free-footers.

Once again let’s liberate ourselves in dance & sound along the shoreline of our ancestors. Like the shamanic dreams painted on ancient cave walls we move through the humdrum & transform, only to return to where it all began – in sound. This is a major call out to our brothers and sisters to join forces, rally the troops, ignite your GEES and move forward as one united entity, one united (psy) family for one united party.  As that first kick drum drops and the sun sets, the Village invites you to celebrate, dance, be merry, spread love, positivity, happiness and pure relentless GEES.


☼ Venue ☼

The Land of Wondering Dreams – within 65 km of our Mother City!

☼ The Music ☼

Our lineup pays tribute to the ‘gees fees’ artists that helped make The Village what it is along with some awesome new additions.

☼ Archive and Jester
☼ Bruce
☼ Broken Toy
☼ Biorhythm
☼ The Commercial Hippies
☼ Dave Mac
☼ Dynamic Range
☼ Luna
☼ Michael / Cera
☼ Phixius
☼ Phyx
☼ Plus Minus
☼ Rubix Qube
☼ Skitzo

☼ Ticket info ☼


Early Bird : R 250
General admission: R 320
Gate: R 370 (if available)
Sunday Trooper: R 250 after 10:00 am

☼ General Information & Stall bookings ☼

• Camping
• Food and craft stalls
• Fully stocked bar
• Chill lounges
• Food court
• Swimming facilities
• Medic services

Important information:
No personal alcohol is allowed into the licensed event area. Personal alcohol may be consumed in your campsite and you will be allowed to take alcohol purchased from the bar to your campsite but not back again into the event area. This is the law – please comply accordingly.


No under 18’s – ID’s will be checked on arrival. Failure to produce identification on request or prove your age will result in no access to the venue.

STRICTLY NO: glass bottles – decant your drinks into plastic bottles before you come in. Fires, fireworks or flares, weapons, domestic animals, independent sound systems, vandalism or graffiti, bad attitudes, no illegal substances of any form.
Don’t drink and drive. CAR POOL AND DESIGNATE A DRIVER.

The organizers accept no responsibility whatsoever for injury, death, loss or damage of any nature to persons, vehicles or belongings. This applies even to negligence on behalf of the organizers of any kind. Entry and participation is entirely at your own risk. Right of admission reserved. By purchasing your ticket you acknowledge that you have read the disclaimer.

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