The Vanishing Act – Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 movie trailer

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

Well it didn’t take very long for the film industry to get cracking on an idea for the movie around Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, which mysteriously vanished – never to be seen again. The movie is called Vanishing Act and is being presented at the Cannes Film Festival later this year in a bid to win enough funding to make the movie happen (presumably with a big name actor as the lead).

The film director, Rupesh Paul was contacted by a Malaysian journalist shortly after the plane had vanished who apparently shared some theories around what actually happened to the flight and this forms the backbone of the movie plot. It’s without a doubt going to be a sensationalist effort and the whole thing leaves me questioning whether they could have at least waited for more information to be released before putting together a script for a Hollywood blockbuster and pitching it to prospective investors. I just hope it doesn’t end up being utterly ridiculous much like Lost, where they end up on an island, trying to find out what the hell is in that hatch.

Is this something you’d go and watch? I don’t know so much…

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