The Ultimate Pornstar Infographic (SFW)

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I have probably spent too much of my life watching porn – Googling for pictures of cats inevitably leads to… well you know. It appears that there is one particular dude who is quite possibly too invested in porn and porn stars, who has put together quite a mind boggling infographic, which outlines the filmography and careers of thousands of porn stars (just sounds like an excuse to watch porn on loud at a desk).

Writer Jon Millward has released one of the most comprehensive studies of porn stars to ever grace the Internet. Using the, the Internet Adult Film Database, Millward spent months “analyzing the demographic profiles and filmographies of ten thousand adult performers.”

While sifting through all of the “data” he came up with some very interesting tidbits that would make some GREAT dinner conversation:

  • Dark-haired porn stars outnumber blonde ones almost 2-to-1.
  • The most common porn star first name is “Nikki.” The most common porn star last name is “Lee.” (think about this when you’re naming your kids)
  • “Butts” are almost two-times as popular than “boobs” in porn titles.
  • The most common porn star bra size is 34B. (giving hope to all aspiring women out there)
  • Most porn stars come from┬áCalifornia, followed by Florida and Texas.


porn infographic

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