The Tour De Fridge Is Possibly Even Crazier Than Spring Break

The Tour De Fridge Is Possibly Even Crazier Than Spring Break


People over in Australia are known for doing things full throttle and the same applies in the little town of Ellenbrook down under. There’s an event called the Tour De Fridge, which is essentially a monstrous piss up, where everyone rides bikes from house to house in between drinking.

The annual event involves just shy of 100 people, who use push bikes to get around to the various host houses. Each of these houses has a dedicated party and stands on its own as a stop in the massive town-wide jol. In the 2016 event, they apparently got through around 1000 beers and thankfully for all of us, filmed the shenanigans that took place along the way.

It’s pretty wild to watch and you get to see everything from peeps doing beer bongs to guys doing dumpster dives (there’s even some footage of a dude breaking his nose because of the Tour De Fridge antics. This does leave me thinking that it’s probably a really good idea that nobody has tried to do the equivalent over here – I reckon we’d have quite a bit of explaining to do to the police when they eventually watch the footage of us Saffas going mad on bikes.

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