The Tallest Basketballer in Europe is 7’6 & only 15 years old!

tallest basketballer

Imagine how bleak you’d be if you showed at a local high school rival for a basketball game only to find that one of your opponents was an absolute beast of the boy. Robert Bobroczky is 7 foot 6 inches tall, plays center and is only 15. He’s already been quite heavily scouted by a number of teams from the NBA and is currently playing for some under-16 team in an academy in Rome.

If he were to be signed by a team in the NBA, he’d instantly become the tallest person in the entire league. Man… what a growthspurt – he must be REALLY awkward with the ladies. We were alerted to this lad and his rather awkward looking demeanor while trawling through Youtube looking for amazing dunk videos and man are we glad we did.

Check out some of his highlights below:

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