The Super Friendship Arcade is throwing a GAME JAM in preparation for Playtopia MGA 2019

In preparation for Playtopia MGA 2019, we’re throwing a jam to make new games, controllers and decor! If you wanna be a part of South Africa’s greatest games and immersive arts festival – this is your chance!

This event is open to everyone – you don’t need any past experience in making games! SFA is dedicated to growing Cape Town’s community of game makers and players, and throw jams like this to make that happen! If you’re curious about making games, this is an ideal place to start! Experienced Superfriends will be around, and stoked, to help you out!

10:00 – Arrive and high five.
10:45 – Introductions. Make teams and make plans.
11:00 – Start Jamming.
19:00 – Jam ends. Show and tell starts.

Our goals:
While you’re encouraged to let your imagination run wild at the jam, for those who like some direction, there will be 3 main efforts you can get involved in:

* 1 player/ 1 button: game jam
Create games for 2 or more players, using only 1 button per player
* 1 player/ 1 button: controller jam
Create hardware controllers for 2 or more players, using only 1 button per player
* decor-mega-plan-9000
Join the decor team and start planning how we’ll transform our arcade into the most radical corner of Playtopia!

What to bring:
1) A packed lunch.
2) Jam supplies, as detailed below.

Game-Jammers: Whether you want to code a game, or make art and music, a laptop is a good idea! Prepare for the jam by making sure you’ve got the right software to do the job too!

Hardware-jammers: We’ll have some SFA components for you to work with, but if you have access to any electronics that you’d like to play with, bring them along too! General electronic tools like soldering irons are also a good idea, but not essential!

Decor-jammers: We’ll have some basic crafting supplies, like cardboard, fabric & markers. Feel free to bring along any additional arts and crafts materials!

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