The Sunflower Festival ft. Captain Hook / Orca / Magneto / Class A [Win Tickets]


The Sunflower.

A symbol of spiritual faith, so regarded for it’s worship of the sun as it stares blindly towards the life giving rays each day, following the suns path across the sky.

As our earth to turns once again, towards the sun, and winter begins to fade, we are reminded of what this uniquely beautiful tribal symbol represents – life and faith, healing and nourishment, spiritual knowing and magic, longevity and vitality, light and balance.

We celebrate our rebirth from a time of reflection and introspection and invite you to be part of the Sunflower Festival as we channel the energy accumulated over winter, allowing it flow from our core, into the universe as we connect with the seasons change and coming of Spring.

A connection through music, through dance and through ceremony. A connection with your inner child and the dreams you have yet to live.A connection through love, through joy but in harmony with each other and peace with who we are.

Be part of our communal call to Gaia as we prepare the space with drumming energy in a meditative opening ceremony and join us as we look towards the sun, becoming part of the next amazing chapter in the beautiful cycle of creation and acknowledge the miracle of life, in so doing honouring our existence and the existence all the eternal life force that connects us.

This is the first day of Spring!

This is the Sunflower Festival!

Two days and 1 night of thundering basslines, retina melting visuals, amazing psychedelic decor, massive audio visual production, sensational international artists, some of Cape Towns most sought after afts – and a musical progression fit to usher in a new beginning.

*♪ღ♪*• Atists Include •*♪ღ♪*

❀✾ I n t e r n a t i o n a l A c ts ❀✾

•••• Captain Hook (Iboga Records) ••••

Captain Hook is one of the biggest superstars in the scene. From headline Burning Man in the States to Universo Paralello in Brazil – this man has achieved legendary status the world over. Phat heavy basslines, electrified rhythms and sounds that work like dynamite – the captain sets sails for Cape Town, and will take no prisoners!

•••• Magneto (Fractal Records) ••••

This Psy veteran has destroyed dancefloors the world over – from Japan to Mexico – Switzerland to South Africa and a slew of releases on labels on Fractal Records / Beyond Logic / Ultravision / Push and loads of releases with Azax Syndrom / Absolum / Dapanji / Smashed and more – Vlad aims to blend a
variety of styles, new sounds and guarantee a great experience.

•••• Orca (Fractal Records) ••••

Orca is no stranger to Cape Town, having DOMINATED festivals like Jungala, End of the World, Frost-Bite – he is one of the most loved International Producers in Cape Town.

•••• Class A (Blue Tunes Records) ••••

If you click onto the Beatport top 100 Psy charts – on average you’ll find 5 or 6 Class A tracks or remixes destroying the charts and Dancefloors. This is one you do not want to miss! Pure progressive beats infused with Psy, electro house elements and fat basselines is what you can expect.

❀✾ L o c a l A c t s ❀✾

❀ Deliriant
❀ Bruce
❀ sHiFt
❀ Rubix Qube
❀ Depsypil
❀ The Commercial Hippies
❀ Tune Raider
❀ Sway
❀ SwiTcHcaChe
❀ Gokon Rave
❀ Stereotype
❀ Archain
❀ Disco Volante
❀ Duality (
❀ Twisted Circus (Chemoboy & Sonic Assault)
❀ Infectious
❀ KrissKross
❀ Dranged
❀ SciLab

❀✾ Essential Information ❀✾

❁ Doors open 31st of August at 11AM through to Sunday 1 September at 5PM

❁ The Cape Town Ostrich Ranch has played home to massive events ranging from Swedish House Mafia and Skrillex to Rock the River and Boomerang. The venue is the ideal events location literally 25 minutes outside of Cape Town on the N7. Ample parking, easy access, multiple exit routes, a newly added
gorgeous Dam and so much more – makes this the ideal venue to host the First outdoor of the Season.

❁ Ticket Information:

•• Presold Tickets – R220

Presold tickets are avialable through the following mediums / outlets:

• Computicket (Online and at all Computicket outlets / Shoprite / Checkers stores ( / 0861 915 8000)

• The Side Show Club (Former Fez) / 11 Mechau Street, Cape Town

Outlets in various Areas:

• Bayside: Ska Bayside Mall 0839543391
• Cape town: Wildfire Piercings 192 Long Street (021)424 0877
• Cape Town: Ska 161 Long Street (021)4265025
• Cape Town:Ashanti Travel-11 Hof Street Gradens-(021)4238721
• Gypsy Long Street 285A Long Street (021)7886802
• Cavendish: Ska Cavendish Connect (021)6711367
• Kalk Bay: Gypsy -90 Kalk Bay Road-(021)7886802
• Kalk Bay: Ska Kalk Bay Main Road (021)7887437
• Stellenbosch : Gypsy Stellenbosch 147 Dorp St Stellenbosch (021)8867157
• Stellenbosch: Springboks Cnr Andringa + Merriman Steet (021)8870547

•• Door Price – R250

Should There still be tickets available – these will be sold at a cost of R250, but we encourage you to get yours to avoid disappointment. They are selling fast.

Please also note : As we do foresee a sell out event – we are not advertising “Sunday Tickets” as there is a very high chance that we will be at a comfortable capacity and would like to ensure the comfort and safety of patrons.

❁❁❁ The Cause – The Sunflower Fund

A portion of the proceeds of this event will be donated to The Sunflower Fund to help raise much needed funds for their efforts.

The Sunflower Fund (Friends of the South African Bone Marrow Registry) was formed in 1999 and is a non-profit organisation based in Cape Town, with a vision to give all South Africans diagnosed with leukaemia and other life-threatening blood disorders the chance of life, irrespective of their race
and financial circumstances. for more information.

❁ Please Note ❁

Right of Admission will be reserved.
There will be STRICTLY No under 18’s.
No one will be allowed into the venue without a valid green bar coded ID or Drivers License.
No Scans / Copies or Affidavits will be accepted.
No Fires / Pets / Bad Attitudes / Illicit Substances / Glass Bottles / Fireworks allowed.


We have been given 2 single tickets by the powers that be.

Simply comment below and MAKE SURE you’ve clicked attending on the Facebook event page: CLICK HERE!

Winners will be announced on the 27th.


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  1. This is the last weekend my best friend and I have together before she moves to Thailand, would be so amazing to win tickets to help us make it a memorable one!

  2. Need this ticket!!!! It’s one of my best friend’s birthdays and a group of them are going to Sunflower to celebrate. I however am the little loser that can’t afford to go 🙁 so now I get left behind, while the rest of them go stomp their hearts out. So PLEASE guys you’d be doing me such a huge favour. I’d be in debt to you forever if you make this happen. And to quote the Lannister family motto ” Lannisters always pay their debts.”

  3. Its my birthday party 🙂 you cant expect a birthday boy to pay for his own tickets can you? Winning with MyCityByNight!!!

    1. And how ironic is it that you announce the winner on the 27th 🙂 my Birthday!!! 😀
      Its a sign guys…

  4. Really couldn’t think of a better way to start this season off! Awesome line up, big ups to u guys for organizing such a stellar line up for our first gathering 🙂

  5. Gimme Gimme!! 🙂 This months been WORK WORK WORK….would love to flow about with my toes out!

  6. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

    captain hook, magneto, orca,bruce,tune raider nuff sais

    base I your face!woooooo weeeee

    pick me

  7. i have a friend we call him the mayor… because he looks after people when they cook out he directs traffic if people get lost he does it all but he has bills and stuff now like rent and all the other killers of life so he never has money to spare to come and trance with us anymore so i would love to bring him… i mean he still has the resonance arm band on from 2 years ago… because that was his last party… help a brother out… PLUR

  8. Flower power!! I’m a spring baby! And I was named after a flower festival in Rome during the Roman empire! (The festival of Rosália) and its basically a flower in its own right! I definitely was born for this event! Literally haha

  9. Please please pick me. I desperately wanna go but am not going to make it if I dont win due to lack of funds 🙁 This is me commenting. Universe work your damn magic

  10. Toooo excited for this one!! best lineup I’ve seen for ages :))))see all you beautiful souls there ^_^ Love and Light, and many thanks to the organisers, you guys are awesome <3

  11. Please My City By Night, make my year…need to win something, I’ve never won any kind of ticket and winning this would make me very happy 🙂

  12. So stoked for this season! Would be so rad of you guys could swing some extra love my way to help my broke student ass to start off this season with a bang! Much love!

  13. I get really bad hay fever, if you gimi them tickies, ill jol with sunflowers coming out of my nostrils – DEDICATION!!!

  14. So about two nights ago I had this intense dream about holding up sunflowers to the sun and watching them turn… And now I see this – a sign that one of those tickets belong to me?

  15. i have a friend we call him the mayor… because he looks after people when they cook out…. he directs traffic if people get lost he does it all…….. but he has bills and stuff now like rent and all the other killers of life so he never has money to spare to come and trance with us anymore so i would love to bring him… i mean he still has the resonance arm band on from 2 years ago… because that was his last party… help a brother out… PLUR

  16. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,ffffffuuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkk yesss,this looks like maxx fuun

  17. Please, please! im broke, ive got off work for this already and its the only stomp ill be able to attend until next year. Would be fantastic

  18. please please please im broke, I study idont work but id looooove to go to this vent as im a huge fan of some of the local artists. and im a true trooper!!
    peace love
    pick meeeee

  19. Wow…I don’t know the last time I have seen a line up so perfect that I actually am more than happy to part with my cash to proudly attend this event! Showing the trance community how it is done :))

  20. Entered once already BUT i have very sad news that my wallet got stolen this weekendo and the cost to replace all the essentials in there is CRAZY! So here i am hoping you feel sorry for me so that i can get my groove on at the first outdoor of the season!

    Asseblief! 😀

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