The Spirit Train presents ‘Digital Streaming AV Landscape’ over 3 days and its all for a good cause!

In an unprecedented and difficult time where it’s become impossible to navigate between fake media and undeniable truths, we choose to use the universal language of MUSIC to inspire you and your critical thinking. Let your own consciousness serve you and your future and let’s pray for a fairer society for all!
Without our SPIRIT we have nothing…

In saying so, the team at Howler and The SPIRIT Train have put together an audio/visual feast for you…in the interest of keeping our SPIRITS ALIVE! Following on from the success of ‘Dreamstream’ (a few weekends ago) we present to you a collection of some of South Africa’s top acts, backed up by some of the world’s finest in music…gathered for your entertainment over 3 days (14-16 May, 2020) – and all for a good cause!

SAFE is a non-profit initiative established to raise relief funds for South Africa’s entertainment, events and festival community. In just 24 hours since SAFE/Howler announced the platform over 1500 relief applications to feed 9000 people was received! ‘DreamStream’ was the first major fundraiser for SAFE – which realized 500K in donations.
We really need to drive this campaign.  This is our chance.
Together we can really make a difference. – ELE NPO (PBO Number: 930053167). In partnership with ‘Pick ‘n Pay Feed The Nation’ (for more information on SAFE, please visit
A portion of the funds raised will also enable The SPIRIT Train to realize full ‘wolf spirit’ at Afrikaburn 2021.


This is your chance to join South Africa’s largest electronic DJ stream. The largest Zoom party in South Africa & supporting South Africa’s entertainment business.
We can make a difference!

Whether you tune in for some quality beats, or have a private Zoom party with your mates or simply have it on the background whilst cooking dinner. Get interactive with us…

• 1 Online Stream Train Fest
• 3 Days
• 1 platform

In our survey of 220 companies in the events industry, we discovered that 10,000 jobs are at risk, with most companies risking closure within only two months under nation-wide lock-down. And, with no events in the pipeline for the foreseeable future, our industry (a leading industry, globally) with all of your favorite events, festivals, bars and clubs – runs the risk of never recovering. This event can make a very real difference to many lives. At the same time, it can make history. So, please join The SPIRIT Train/Digital Streaming Festival and let’s #SaveOurScene.


18h15 JeddiBeatbox (SA) 15min live beat-box performance
18h30 dj low (SA) trip hop lo-tempo set by Ivan Turanjanin
20h00 Farrell Adams (SA) funk set
21h30 Piccaya (BELGIUM) downtempo set

18h00 David Mears (FRA) live downtempo
19h30 Offroad (FRA) live shamanic house
20h30 DAN INC (GER) house
22h00 Dandara (SWISS) live afro-house
23h30 Veridium (SA) techno

18h00 Contact high (SA) eclectic
20h00 Deer Jade (SWISS) house
21h30 GiZ (GER) house/techno (featuring visuals by Tim Novikov)
22h30 Oliver Koletzki (GER) house
00h30 Siphe Tebeka (SA) live house

* Ticket price: Your ears, your eyes and a donation of your choice. For those that want to dance with your friends, you can join the limited Zoom Room (max 500 people) or set up your own private Zoom party.

* Dress code: Who cares? Dress up to the nines or come in your birthday suit. Burner-type gear welcomed of course!

* Parking: Free. That is, leave yer car wherever it’s been for the last 4 weeks.

* Venue: You choose. Couch. Pool. Bath. Bed. Alone. Together. Whatevs.

* Food & Bev: Free. Sort of. BYOB. Cos: lockdown.

* Platform: This event will not be streamed on any public network, like Facebook, YouTube. The only way to enjoy 30 hours of some of the finest beats it to get a free ticket.

Buuut, even as you’re staying home, don’t forget to connect.
Take aallll the photos, and share them using to be featured in our feed. Also: #SAFE #TheLockdown #SaveOurScene. #SpiritTrain #LOBO

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