The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project

The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project South Africa Post-mortem is right HERE

Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange- The night the world swapped nights


Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project South Africa – Berlin And Cape Town Swap

In a rather ground-breaking move the world’s leading vodka brand and MyCityByNight favourite, Smirnoff launched a nifty little endeavour called “The Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project”. It is the world’s first nightlife exchange project
aimed at continuing their mission to inspire and enable more one-of-a-kind experiences and will see 14 countries work with respected nightlife figures to discover and celebrate the best elements of their respective country’s nightlife. All of these ideas provided by all of you party-goers and Smirnoff fans will be captured online, packed-up in a crate and transformed into exciting event experiences.  Then… in a fairly epic finale on the 27th November 2010, the world will swap nights, with each country exchanging the best of their nightlife with that of another.

When I first heard about this, I was super excited as I tend to get frustrated when we’re stuck with unfufilled promises on indoor beaches with flaming goats from the likes of some of the other promoters out there… Its refreshing to go to a party that is unique in its decor, design and choice of music- the other stuff just tends to get a little bit boring- you can only do a lumo party SO many times. I was even more excited when the folks at Smirnoff asked us to enlist the help of the MyCityByNight faithful to come up with what we think represents the best of South Africa’s nightlife. Yes, thats right… they know that WE’RE the experts when its come to nightlife 🙂

So what do you need to do?

Well all of the suggestions, some consisting of  a specific type of music, a locally-conceived cocktail or even fashion trend unique to our country will be captured via a dedicated hub on Facebook. These suggestions will then be perused by the local expert Curator/s in each country to decide what will represent the very best of each country’s nightlife in the exchange.

Smirnoff South Africa will be working with DJ Fresh and DJ Euphonik as South Africa’s curators (next time its sooo the MyCityByNight boys, we must have missed it this year because we didnt make it into the top 2 of the crooked SA Blog Awards this year or something, hehe).  However both Fresh and Euphonik are well respected personalities in the South African nightlife scene, and will do a superb job of discovering and celebrating the best elements of South Africa’s nightlife to create the one of a kind South African event that will be exchanged with one of the other countries.
The Nightlife Exchange Project will take place in 14 countries located in six different continents and they include: South Africa, USA, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Germany, India, Lebanon, Poland, Thailand, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia and Venezuela.

The ingredients of South Africa’s nightlife will be revealed on 22 October 2010. Once revealed, South Africa will exchange with crates with one of the other countries to experience on November 27. South Africa will exchange its nightlife experience with one of the 13 other countries, the big question to be answered… which country will it be?

This event is quite likely to surpass the enormity of the much revered Smirnoff Experience MashUp Street, headlined by world #1 DJ, Tiesto, in Johannesburg earlier this year. Its really is your chance to get involved in the global community of like-minded (or not so like-minded) party goers- so go and do it… NOW!!!

Oh and just in case you didnt know- Smirnoff is Not for Sale to Persons Under the Age of 18.  Drink Responsibly.

For more information visit:

Twitter:                                SmirnoffSA

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    1. we thought that it was out of this world- really havent seen anything like this before abhishek! and there have kinda been some interesting developments as far as Smirnoff & MCBN goes… stay tuned 😉

  1. so basicalley you saying there is party going on ,on the 27th of nov?

    i havnt been to a smirnof party and would really love to attend!!!

  2. @Oliver: Yes, pretty much and the entries have closed so unfortunately tickets are unavailable. We working on trying to organise some, somehow 😉

    @kyle: Apparently you will be recieving sms/email updates,regarding venue and times etc. Enjoy man!

    Jerry: Unfortunately not right now. The registering process is closed so tickets are unavailable. As I said to Oliver, we are working on trying to get some…

  3. I won tickets and sent a guests name that can’t make it anymore so I want to change my guests name-how do I do it?

  4. just found out about this nightlife exchange caper and i am wondering when the next one is and how me and the wife can get there as this sounds like a must do event, please help.

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