The Skat (Wo)Man On Tik

Bee bap ba bada bo I’m the Skat Man… on Tik yo!

This remind anyone of their drunk aunt or granny at a family function?

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Bob finds stuff, reads stuff, laughs at stuff and then hopes you do the same. He is like a digital dog playing digital fetch for you, only better.


  1. Freaking Hilarious!!
    This song was SO awesome back in the day 🙂

    “Bee bap ba bada bo” for this we used to change the words to “bier pap en boerewors, pap en boerewors o o o bier pap en boerewors”

      1. Lol! You would’ve heard it before.. My own little version of the song
        But if you sing it along the original, those words actually do fit 🙂

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