The #SELFIE song is now charting in South Africa – we all should just give up now

#selfie song

While listening to the radio over the weekend, I happened to come across a tune from Steve Aoki’s Dim Mak records by The Chainsmokers called #Selfie. Given that the song was from one of the more talented producers out there’s stable (don’t give me a hard time, he’s responsible for a lot of the tunes that have had huge commercial success), I felt the need to give song a bit of a listen before making a snap judgement based on it’s song name alone. I’m kind of sorry that I did.

The song has got over 7 million views and consists of a female vocal, talking over a Dim Mak Records beat about how she just needs to take a selfie before going to do anything of importance. Congratulations go out to the human race… we’ve really done it this time.

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