The Selfie Olympics 2014 is here & it’s as dumb as you think it is

selfie olympics 2014

Last year the Human Race hit the lofty heights of evolution as we know it by adding the word selfie to the Oxford Dictionary and now we’re following it up in 2014 with the Selfie Olympics on Twitter.

The trend has erupted at the start of 2014 with many amature photographers joining the race to submit the most awesome selfie of 2014 (see incepti-selfie above), for no apparent reason at all. There are apparently a couple of rules for entry such as taking the photo in a bathroom, a classic selfie location or using a prop. We’ve already seen some truly ridiculous shots so far and I’m almost certain that this trend is going to end in someone severely injuring themselves or even dying.

Survival of the fittest and all of that…

selfies olympics2014

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