The Salta Beer Tooth Implant Makes Opening Beers Easy

salta beer tooth implant

An Argentinian beer company called Salta Beer has come up with a fantastic way for a bunch of rugby players who have lost teeth while playing the sport to impress their friends and would be future dates – by providing them with special tooth implants, which allow them to open bottles with their teeth. Salta Beer got a little bit of help from Ogilvy Argentina to create the idea and commercial:

Salta Beer said:

‘We decided to give rugby players back the teeth they had lost in battle. We gave them some much more than a simple tooth back, we made them want to smile again.’

The commercial showcases the initial surgery (a bit unnecessary in my opinion) as well as the 3 blokes featured in it, impressing their mates with their newfound bottle opening prowess down at the pub. I know a few people who’d sign up for the surgery in a heartbeat if it did ever catch on – now that’s swag!

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