The Richelieu Round Up by Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues sums up 2013 quite nicely

Richelieu Round Up 2013

Iconic brandy brand, Richelieu, has had the balls to let the guys from “Derick Watts and the Sunday Blues” put together a retrospective look at 2013 with “The Richelieu Round Up”. Essentially it’s one long parody video set to Katy Perry’s ROAR, which highlights some of the most talked about happenings of 2013 as we round up the year.

I quite dig what Nicholas Smal and Gareth Allison (the guys behind DW&TSB) have done here and have found myself having a good laugh – even though I’ve never met them, I’m sure they’d be rad to have around for a beer (consider that an invite lads). The campaign was conceived and created by Liquorice one of South Africa’s leading digital agencies – so big up to them for getting sign off on it, I know how difficult it is to sell concepts like this into a room full of marketers.

Richelieu’s achievements this year include prestigious awards at the 2013 International Spirits Challenge, the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC) and the Veritas Awards. A notable highlight, Richelieu XO Cognac won Gold and the title of World‟s Best Cognac at the IWSC. Watch the video and say goodbye to 2013.

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  1. This article is badly written, the video is ridiculously unfunny and I have lost a lot of respect for a brand I quite enjoy.

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