THE REVIEW – Sunflower Festival 2017

Sunflower Festival is kicking off and we took a look at the past 4 events ahead of this weekend.

The outdoor season is finally upon us and with a few days away from us lighting the torch flame once more we thought the ignition of a new segment “The Review” should be given a bit more focus but don’t worry… “The List” is still on the cards. Once again this is your captain Gonzo reporting for duty with the second entry and first outdoor entry to “The Review”: SUNFLOWER FESTIVAL 2017.

Currently celebrating its 5th Anniversary, there’s much to be considered as well as a lot to look forward to.


The inauguration year of the event saw the rise of many artists as well giving Cape Town a taste of an array of acts such as Orca who owned the more psychedelic sound with collaborations with locals such as Deliriant & tracks such a Sad Movies, as well as Captain Hook, a then dreadlocked chunkier sounding artist, was one of the more anticipated acts on that lineup who held the theme song for the years after-movie. 


2014 was the year we got to see Coming Soon before their first evolution in their sound. Since that point they have touched the shores of the US and worked alongside greats throughout the trance community as a whole, taking their production to the floor of Armin’s A State of Trance.


The first time to see the larger stage works and the first use of the visual backdrop of the new sunflower concept showed the showcase of Upgrade & Querox for the first time on SA soil. A much smaller gathering compared to its previous years, it showed that change needed some getting used to. 


The first showcase of Mandragora in SA was the base for the events drive and a return of a now shorter haired Captain Hook with a very different sound was a shot of needed nostalgia at the time. It gave us Capital Monkey & was also the year to give us the now heavily requested Sunflower Tech Floor. 


This year’s shenanigans hold a significant marker as it is the biggest in terms of lineup, production quality and is also the 5th anniversary of the gathering. It brings us the long-awaited return of both Vini Vici & Sesto Sento as well as a much-requested return of Mandragora. It also brings us V.Fallabella again who was introduced to SA crowds for the first time last year and NOK who was last in SA back at Equinox Hide & Seek. The tech floor brings its own unique dynamic bringing Kyle Watson, Strange Loving & Chunda Munki as its floor headliners. With the headline acts of both international and national caliber being this huge the supporting cast is as huge. You can expect a much harder dance floor compared to last year and is expected to be larger than any of its previous years. We just have to wait and see what we are in-store for. 


  • Vini Vici 
  • Mandragora 
  • Sesto Sento 
  • NOK 
  • Out Now 
  • V.Fallabella 
  • Headroom 
  • Deliriant 
  • Feedback 
  • Switchcache 
  • The Commerical Hippies 
  • Disco Volante   
  • Frozen Ghost 
  • Shift 
  • Dan Scot 
  • Chemo Boy 
  • D-Sciple 
  • Dranged 
  • Sway 
  • Mad Hatter 
  • GonZo 
  • Tigerlili 
  • Danimal 
  • Subconcious Safari 
  • Tranzlator 


  • Kyle Watson 
  • Strange Loving 
  • Chunda Munki 
  • Dean Fuel 
  • Mogey 
  • Syzo
  • Stab Virus 
  • Douglas Olsson 
  • Jamie Saint 
  • Ikon 
  • Kilopascal 
  • DKON 
  • KONG 
  • Dane Stirrat 
  • Daniella Da Silva 
  • Venture 
  • Dillyn Will 
  • The Element 
  • Tech Rider 
  • Park 
  • JayyJabs 
  • Cryptic 
  • Two Tone 
  • LMC 
  • D Double JP 
  • Gary N 

With the exponential growth of the brand, we have just one question… Who would you like to see at the next one? 

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