The Return of Madame Zingara


We all got treated to an amazing dinner at the Five Flies restaurant just off Long Street last night for Dusty’s birthday (my goodness the food was amazing). I got thinking about Madam Zingara on the way home and what ever happened to them and their flipping deliciously amazing chocolate chilli steak. I used to love going there and enjoying a little half circus half acrobatic show while eating, so you can imagine my happiness when I found out this morning that the Madame Zingara show will be returning to Cape Town in May! May seems like an awesome month for Cape Town in general, I really think this World Cup has boosted our city to new levels.


This is what Food24 had to say about the re-opening:

After a year abroad, Madame Zingara has finally set sail for her hometown in South Africa. Arriving back in Cape Town at the beginning of May, she will be ready to welcome guests back for her 2010 Love Magic Tour.

This grand dame of burlesque style has travelled the world for nearly a hundred years with her billowing velvet canopies, mirror columns and ornate booths, and the spirit of her past will continue to weave tales through the night.

Threading her magic, wonder and light through her Theatre of Dreams, Madame Zingara will again bring happiness to her South African fans. With over a 1,000 bevelled mirrors that reflect a million tales, her magnificent Theatre of Dreams will enthral all who enter through its stained glass doors.

This dinnercirque spectacular will be produced and directed by the award winning duo of Richard Griffin and Valentina Love. Richard and Valentina will team up with both local and international stars, finding those hidden gems that made this theatre of dreams a household name.

4 course menu: Antipasta, Starter, Mains, Dessert & Coffee

Wines: Selection of Cape favourites


I suggest you pre book as there is only 420 seats available on the night and the show is out of this world, but one thing I know is that the food there is truly marvelous, I would suggest the chocolate chilli steak to any, its mouth watering. The new venue is going to be out in Century City in the usual dinner-cirque styled Madame Zingara tent and will be opening to the public in the early days of May 2010. I honestly cant wait, going to enquire about a booking soon soon!

Venue: Madame Zingara Tent

Where: Century City

When: May 2010

Contact: 021 001 3366


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  1. Sho!! Thats the best news I've heard- their food is truely mystical!!! Lets book Kreg, lets book NOW!! wait hold on… dont we get a press pass for this too? 🙂

    I've been some awesome dates at Madame Zingara and Cara Lizuli- they'll both always occupy a spot very close to my heart!


    love that shit, freak shows rock! thats why i love mavericks! they freaks! chicks in real life arent that hot! hahahahaha!!!

    oh, and the food is BEFUCK…. at both venues! hahahah!

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