The Relationship Get Out Jail Free card

Just the other night I was watching Cashmere Mafia (before you judge me let me explain that earlier I had fallen down from being drunk injuring myself beyond ability to get up from the couch and change the channel) and the concept of The Get Out of Jail Free card in relationships came up. It got me thinking about the whole concept and whether it is something that actually works if you are in a relationship and happen to have a little bit of a “conflict of interests”.

Let me start by giving you some background to the concept of the Get Out of Jail Free Card. Consider the following example:

A man is dating a mooiness and is seemingly happy as can be with spending time hanging out with her and putting his penis into her only. Next thing the mooiness finds out that this same guy is actually that happy because he is boning the waitress from the local coffee shop with those perky and resilient boobs and all too friendly smile.

The wronged mooiness then has the opportunity to use a Get Out of Jail Free card to go and bang some other guy straddling him and making obscene noises, thereby making it “even” between herself and the cheating guy. The person who uses the Get Out of Jail Free card in this particular instance also has right to tell the cheating party that they have cashed in the card even if they haven’t actually boned anyone else thus shifting the power firmly back to them. This particular clause also ensures that the naughty person- the guy in this case- will question himself wondering who it was that had their bits in their (at this point using this term loosely) mooiness.

Along with infidelity the Get Out of Jail Free card can also be used in other social situations. For example if your mooiness goes out and gets absolutely hammered with the girls and ends up getting a male stripper and licking whipped cream off of him. You have the right to go and get wasted with the boys, returning home at 4am covered in Icecream from when you ate a banana split out of a stripper’s ass cheeks.

Now in my mind this whole vibe can go two ways. Either you use it as a way to get all of pent up aggression and harboured hatred out in one act, after that returning back to normal OR you just start some weird sort of game of one-upmanship trying to out cheat each other. The second one is more likely to lead to you not being together- at least this is what I’ve seen.

I think that it’s a little bit childish and assumes that a relationship of any sort is a constant-power struggle, which depresses me, forcing me to drink more.

What I was wondering was-

Have any of you used the Get Out of Jail Free card before? And if you haven’t would you ever suggest that it gets used.

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  1. Gripping stuff! Haven’t used or offered a Get Out of Jail free card before. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea. It just feels like there can’t be a winner – especially if the cycle just goes on loop. The trust is broken and I would always doubt the honesty if the relationship were to continue…but that’s just me 🙂

    1. I must agree with you there Natascha- it just feels all too much like a game. Just think how much it would bother you if you had no idea whether your partner had actually got even with you or was just making you squirm. Eeeeek!

      Although, I think there might be room for the Get out of jail free card in situations where you’ve only been a little naughty and your partner is an authoritarian- but that’s still lame because you’re keeping track.

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