The Premier League heats up!


So it seems that next week will decide who wins the Premier League this year, considering both Chelsea and Man United won there games yesterday. Chelsea beat an under strengthed Liverpool side (although I still think Gerrard was paid money for that SHOCKING back pass to Riena) and Man United beat Sunderland in a must win game for both teams. With Chelsea just one point ahead of Man United, the final fixture of the season has become the most crucial game for both sides! This is exactly why I love the Premier League


With Manchester City and Tottemham playing for 4th spot and place in the Champion League next year, the game on Wednesday is going to be do or die for both teams as well. I don’t know who I would like to see in the Champions league more next year, Manchester City have done extremely well with all the new found money they have inherited along the way but Tottenham over the last couple of years have been bubbled to Liverpool or Arsenal for 4th spot and have got some awesome players, should be a cracker of a game. So on the 9th of May, we will all know who has won the English Premier League title for the 09/10 season.

Chelsea will be up against Wigan Athletic at The Bridge and Manchester United will play their final game against Stoke at Old Trafford. One more game can decide the fate of Chelsea or Man United. I got no doubt the boys in blue will defeat Wigan at The Bridge to take the 3 points and the title, but only time will tell. I dont want to jump the gun just yet, but any team that kills more then 3 sides by 7 goals in ONE season, deserves the title if you ask me.


I can see Chelsea’s name being engraved on it come the 9th of May…

The Blue Army will keep marching on!

Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea!!

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  1. I was loving this blog until I got to this post. Then I threw up in my mouth and made a mess on my work keyboard. Now I am thinking about whether I should come back here ever again or whether I should banish my love for this blog to the banished love wilderness….sigh.

  2. Sho! Why's that Mspr1nt? Is it because Kreg said that Chelsea were going to win the league? That also made me want to get sick!

    Please dont send us to the banished love wilderness- its cold there…

  3. Must I really tell you the the truth….can't I just say it's because I hate Chelsea and all the United glory hunters switching to them…okay…fine….fine….it's because I am Arsenal fan *cries*

  4. This is true, I suppose. But for an Arsenal fan seeing Chelsea win the league is quite painful.

  5. Ahhh, come now guys, dont get upset that the best team is going win. Besides Man United and Arsenal, no other side has won by over 7 goals in a seasons, let alone 3 times IN ONE SEASON! Drogba made the front of Time Magazine for being part of the 100 most influential people, John Terry boned everything he saw, his father was dealing pot, Carlo Ancelotti is the best coach (besides the special one) and we have Kind Frank:)

    PS: Dont banish us (please stay), this is only a little rant to tick some people off, cause they all know the truth… Chelsea is going to win the league and FA Cup:) hahaahaha

  6. that 20/20 world cup? hahaha, dont even get me started on South Africa, the biggest chokers of the 21st century… my goodness!!

    Although the Windies tour will be awesome to chill and watch, I dig the West Indies!

  7. LOOOOOL, please forgive me… one of the greatest sporting events to hit South Africa and i let it slip my mind… what are your predictions mspr1nt, who you supporting? I got my eyes on Spain and Italy, but I think everyone should keep an eye on the USA side…

  8. Ah, fuck. I just did that throwing up thing again. Terry is a scumbag and I would like to cut off his balls (if he has any) and use them rearview mirror decorations or sell them for muti…and don't even get me started on Fat Fuck Frank (euw, threw up again).

    Did yuo have to bring up the FA Cup thing too….eurgh. Don't you want to grant Pompey a semi romantic ending to their season? Relegation, administration….and an FA Cup ain't half bad!

  9. You know I wouldnt feel half bad if Portsmouth won the FA Cup, shame man… They didnt deserve half the shit they had to deal with this season… but seriously, I dont see them beating us!

    Terry, King Frank, Drogba, Joe Cole, Salomon Kalou, … sorry, just trying to make you throw up again 🙂

    Pity the season has come to an end, hate sitting around waiting till August for the footy to start again!

  10. That's why we have the South African tour of the West Indies to look forward to…and…erm…that kind of a big deal tourney that is being played here. I think it is called the World Cup…not sure though.

  11. I put in an application for tickets for the Holland Cameroon game, hope I get them… Two of my favourite sides!!! USA could be the danger side… Although with Benni macarthy back in the SA side, I do feel thats a slight boost for us up front!

  12. Soccer World Cup, no?

    Love the Windies too. Sulieman Benn is my booooooooy!

  13. Totally agree with you on the USA….but not sure how well they will adapt to the conditions and altitude here. I'm a Holland fan…so backing them but don't think we should underesitimate the African sides (barring SA 😉 Cameroon can also do some damage.

  14. CAT4 is what I wanted, if you know anyone with a couple of those left over, you know where I am… any tickets, any game (in Cape Town, that is)

    Aggg, I went to the Redbull Street Style World Cup final in the Grand Parade and the wind was howling, its a little off putting but as soon as the action starts, you completely forget about whats around you, the vibe is going to be amazing! I honestly cant wait!

  15. Only category 1 left for that match from what I've heard (they're going for R1200 each a pop). It's gonna be a cracker of a match. I only managed to get tickets to France v Uruguay (sp?) – should be pretty decent as well, it will kinda be like watching Arenal play.

    Teko Modise is the boy for SA…Teko for president!

  16. Teko is maaaaa BOY! he is probably one of our finest players to be able to bust the diski, the SUPER diski! Yeah the catergory one tickets are going from 1200 upwards, it honestly burnt my arse paying that much for a ticket as a local. Think FIFA are just money driven idiots. I wish it would cater more for the locals as I would love to be more apart of this world cup then just one game! Oh well, Fan Parks here I come…

  17. Eurgh, ja. Not cool of FIFA to rip off the locals. I refuse to pay that much – got the CAT4 tickets through the lottery for the France game. Fan parks seem like they will get quite a vibe going….just not too sure about the freezing cold and rain.

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