The Pope has joined Twitter

Twitter has been the only social network where celebrities could share exactly what was on their minds- even if it was crap worse than what came out of Susan Boyle’s ass. Now, the list of its users includes the leader of the Catholics, The Pope.

He’s going to be using the handle @pontifex (@thepope was already taken by some other, considerably less Catholic dude), which apparently means bridge builder in Latin. He’s got almost 400k followers and hasn’t even sent a tweet (the Catholic fun starts on 12 December- 12.12.12… oooh omninous). Weirdly, he doesn’t only follow God.

So what is he actually going to tweet about? Well apparently the tweets are going to contain ghost written (and Pope approved) stuff from his speeches and other rather big religious events like Easter. Sadly, his first tweet is probably not going to be a humourous one-line or Australian sheep shagging joke.

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