The Plastics – Occasional Lies (Official Video)


Enjoy The Plastics new video “Occasional Lies”

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Directed by: Duran Levinson & Baden Moir

Cinematography & Editing: Duran Levinson

Grading: Francesca Barredo – 744 Digital

Visual Effects: Ben Rausch – Cool Your Jets


Peaches, Scotty, Wiretail, Sir Henry Ramona, Harvey, Schnitzel, Steve, Molly, Libby, All the DARG cats, Éponine. Ollie, Father, Wednesday, Annie, Mowgly, Zara, Zen, Sunflower Doomslayer, Murray, Tatty (RIP), Mischief, Spock, Catty, Tom, Molly, Tigger, Leila and Orange Man

Special Thanks: DARG, Photohire, Zenn van Zyl, Gerhard de Kock, Ashley Brown, Ray-Ban, Scar Hair, Paul Bothner music

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