The Plastics- Cat, Dog & Shark Tour & Free Download

This week you’ll get to see local band The PLASTICS in the Northern and Eastern parts of South Africa with the Cat, Dog and Shark Tour! as well as get a first look at their new music video for CAROLINE on nationwide television on MK’s Studio 1 with a live performance.

Here are all the details you need:

1 Sep: MK Studio 1. “Caroline” National Music Video Release
19:30 Channel 324 on DSTV
(If you would like to be a studio guest – please email

2 Sep: Arcade Empire, Pretoria with Southern Gypsy Queen tina

3 Sep: Unit 11, Durban with Isochronous and The La Els

To accompany all this rad stuff, they have decided to release a cool remix of “Jukebox” which produced by Jaysynth & Sassquatch.

Go download it for FREE on our Soundcloud!

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